The project

Welcome, dear friend.
You and anybody around you make our universe. Any project with which you can meet stands or falls on the people who belong to it.
Wrong people on your project can destroy everything, even a good idea or amazing dream.
Choose the best of available experts in your team, your company or in the cloud.

What is SkillsMill

SkillsMill is an easily manageable tool to find the best employee or coworkers to project, based on skills, experience, background and endorsements.
We support communication and negotiation with the pool of best candidates. Final assignment and subsequent changes in project lifecycle are under control of our solution.
After the end of your project, you are able to systematically endorse and recommend coworkers of your star team.

How its work?

The best things are simple. And SkillsMill is simple and best. We take skills from your request template and we search the best available person in selected environment.
Talk to them, make a deal. SkillsMill then assigns this person to the role in your project.
After the end, you can evaluate all members of your team

How to try SkillsMill?

You can download SkillsMill from Office 365 Store. Try it and enjoy.