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You and every person around you create own universe. It is the same with every project that stands and falls thanks to people involved.

Your project can be destroyed by the wrong people. Even the best idea or amazing dream can be destroyed due to the incorrect choice of team members.

Choose the best available expert from your team, your organisation or from the skillsmill expert cloud.

What is SkillsMill

SkillsMill is an easily manageable tool to find the best employee or coworkers to project, based on skills, experience, background and endorsements.
We support communication and negotiation with the pool of best candidates. Final assignment and subsequent changes in project lifecycle are under control of our solution.
After the end of your project, you are able to systematically endorse and recommend coworkers of your star team.

New functionalities

Competency choosing young people according to their profession, even according to their knowledge of technologies or methodology, does not always work. We create and recruit on the basis of competency and their combinations. We perceive competency according to the education, experience gained, as well as experiences with cultures (not necessarily foreign cultures, but cultures in corporations or state authorities and similar professional cultures).

Virtual centres 

Meetings and personal interviews are at the end of their genesis. Today, we meet, test and measure virtually. This way we demolish a lot of important barriers and budget expenses.

Community management

We create communities of candidates, which we work with, follow their progress and motivate them to personally grow. If anything, this way we build positive P.R.

Mobile interface

All communication, measurement and feedback has to be mobile. 76% of all access is from mobile devices. Therefore, all content is adjusted for touch screen control, rotation of the screen and its resolution.

For-education and growth

One way transfer of information about candidates in new generations does not work up to standard. Mutual sharing of information, education during working or cooperating in communities of experts in one domain works excellently. We educate them systematically and in a long term period. The result is worthwhile and quality information about their qualities and potential for the present, as well as future demands of the employer.

How to try SkillsMill?

You can download SkillsMill from Office 365 Store. Try it and enjoy.


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